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Wrestling Coach and Founder of Cornermans
Billy Cooper
Wrestling Coach & Founder of Cornermans

The Story So Far

Hi, I’m Billy. And I set up Cornermans for one good reason… I know what it’s like to be forced to sit out training and competition through a skin infection picked up at the gym. Nightmare! But once I’d had one, I wasn’t planning on having another. I had a good look around, couldn’t find a good, affordable barrier foam, so decided to go for it and produce GOOD RUB.

When my old man dragged the 5 year old me, kicking and screaming, to the YMCA Wrestling Club in Manchester, I never imagined I’d end up representing Great Britain all over the world. What an amazing journey. Thanks Dad, btw.

I loved every minute. Well, apart from the times I was sidelined with skin infections. Being out of action is certainly memorable – but for all the wrong reasons.

When I was training and fighting for medals on the mats – probably the same mats where I picked up the skin infections – I never imagined, 10 years on, I’d not only be coaching current and future champions… I’d get to work with a bunch of clever folk in white lab coats, developing a brand new barrier foam to help others kick skin infections’ sad, sorry back side!



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